Cave Liquid Haulage – Bulk Liquids for Animal Feed and The Food Chain

Cave Liquid Haulage
Bulk Liquids for Animal Feed and The Food Chain

Cave Liquid Haulage Limited is an approved supplier of animal feed materials and specialises in the provision and transport of liquid and dry co-products for use in both the human food chain and animal feed production. Our supply chain includes a wide range of food grade factories – and other processors and manufacturers, such as breweries, dairies and flour millers.

The movement of most products is undertaken utilising our own dedicated fleet of high quality specialist bulk tankers – and all goods are carried under RHA Conditions of Carriage 2009, or CMR as applicable.

The whole of our animal feed operation is accredited and conducted under the AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

Cave Haulage Tanker

Cave Haulage Tanker

FEMAS covers the supply, marketing, distribution, independent certification, inspection and compliance regime associated with animal feeds. The TASCC scheme covers the haulage of animal feed and assures compliance with industry, statutory and legal requirements under the AIC Code of Practice for road haulage.

We operate full traceability on all products from collection through to delivery – with comprehensive quality and control plans to ensure that products meet required standards. In addition, we undertake regular audits and provide thorough staff training and CPD programmes to ensure that we maintain the service standards required by our suppliers and customers.

Our liquid and dry animal feed products include:

Liquid Feeds

GLUCOSE – sugar based
BEER – brewery based
TRUB – brewery based
YEAST – brewery based
MILK & FLAVOURED MILK – milk based
YOGURT – milk based
WHEY – milk based
OIL – vegetable based

Dry Feeds

FLOUR – cereal based
BISCUIT MEAL – cereal and confectionary based
WHEY POWDER – milk based
MILK POWDER – milk & fish based
WHEAT FEED MEAL – cereal based


Detailed nutritional information available on request.

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